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30. “Ya’ll don’t want me to win. I’m tryna follow dreams, you want me to follow trends.” – Kendrick Lamar

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5 months ago


Jan 23, 2018


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Andy Frisella is a serial entrepreneur, motivator, and host of the hugely successful MFCEO podcast where he has interviewed legends such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Etnies Scout Men’s LowTop Sneakers Black Black/Grey/Black005 100% authentic kvej8xH4vm
. Andy got his start 17 years ago with a small supplement distribution company. Since then it has grown into a $100 million per year business. Andy has certainly had to endure a lot on his journey to success. Along the way, he has picked up wisdom far beyond the years of anyone else.

Here are some of his best quotes :

1. “Lots of people wanting everything and doing nothing.” – Andy Frisella

2. “99% of people let others opinions and beliefs keep them from ever living the life they want.” – Andy Frisella

3. “This is about legacy. This is about service. This is about giving far more than you take. This is about inspiring the warrior attitude and taking responsibility for your life. This is about picking eachother up.” – Andy Frisella

4. “There are no super-humans, just humans, and what one man can do, another can do.” – Andy Frisella

5. “Your mind focus are far more powerful than you could ever comprehend.” – Andy Frisella

6. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself, make shit happen.” – Andy Frisella

7. “Instead of thinking how hard your journey is, think how great your story will be.” – Andy Frisella

8. “You are where you are because of you.” – Andy Frisella

9. “Live for the weekends and that’s all you’ll ever have.” – Andy Frisella

10. “Yes, finding success is going to require you to make sacrifices and be uncomfortable.” – Andy Frisella

11. “When you say ‘no’ most of the time you are saying ‘yes’ to the progression of yourself and those around you” – Andy Frisella

12. “What you’re doing in the short term to make yourself comfortable is killing your potential.” – Andy Frisella

13. “There’s a lot of healthy shit that comes from believing in yourself.” – Andy Frisella

14. “If you don’t believe youre the shit, nobody else will either.” – Andy Frisella

15. “History forgets whiners, but remembers winners.” – Andy Frisella

16. “Easy never pays well.” – Andy Frisella

17. “Make sure the people who bet against you lose.” – Andy Frisella

18. “Being a leader who lets shit slide, isn’t being a leader at all.” – Andy Frisella

19. “It’s not luck, it’s not magic, it’s not circumstances. It’s developing a great plan and executing on it, day in and day out until the visions in your head become your reality.” – Andy Frisella

20. “Accepting responsibility even when it’s not your fault and fixing the problem; you will have unlimited income potential in your life.” – Andy Frisella

21. “There’s something you’re good at, you’re just not putting value on it.” – Andy Frisella

22. “‘I deserve’ is the most whiny, cry baby phrase in the english language.” – Andy Frisella

23. “There is no ‘what it’, if you do the work on a worth plan the result will be there.” – Andy Frisella

24. “If you do the work and you make a plan it will f*cking happen.” – Andy Frisella

25. “You don’t have to define yourself by one kind of life…you can live in any world you want.” – Andy Frisella

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26. “Real success is not defined by what you accomplish It is defined by how you are helping others accomplish.” – Andy Frisella

27. “Don’t let the constant pursuit of and drive for success keep you from appreciating and being grateful for what you have now.” – Andy Frisella

28. “Dream so big everyone thinks you’re crazy, no matter what they think about it. The only person that limits you stares back at you in the mirror every single day.” – Andy Frisella

29. “Nothing great is given, it’s earned.” – Andy Frisella

30. “What you think about, dream about, talk about and focus on will become your life.” – Andy Frisella

31. “Nobody who you wanna be floats through the day.” – Andy Frisella

32. “Don’t be an asshole to yourself.” – Andy Frisella

33. “You know why you are so far from where you want to be? Because you think too small…you do now and you always have.” – Andy Frisella

34. “The biggest mistake you can make in life is thinking you have all the time in the world.” – Andy Frisella

35. “You gotta do the work…and gotta produce a result.” – Andy Frisella

36. “Honest gratitude for what you have is one of the biggest accelerators for future success.” – Andy Frisella

37. “But at the end of the day, clearance store for sale Chie Mihara Womens Hilo TBar Heels Red Ante Granate outlet with credit card new discount best place I3VjmiUVNY
.” – Andy Frisella

38. “Put your head down for the next 10 years and get yourself a Lamborghini or two…” – Andy Frisella

39. “Don’t even let that 2nd place shit tough your skin…losing is contagious.” – Andy Frisella

40. “Free your mind to dream huge. Free your heart to believe its possible.” – Andy Frisella

41. “Be brave enough to go after what you really want. Be strong enough to pick people up and bring them to you.” – Andy Frisella

42. “The only thing relevant to your success is your actions.” – Andy Frisella

43. “Everything you see, touch, or use in your daily life started as just a single thought.” – Andy Frisella

44. “You can’t cut down a tree with a single swing of an axe.” – Andy Frisella

45. “Don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you. Guaranteed they are miserable f*cks anyway.” – Andy Frisella

46. “The problem with society is nobody drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore.” – Andy Frisella

47. “Big dreams don’t cost any more than little ones.” – Andy Frisella

48. “All great things come with sacrifice.” – Andy Frisella

49. “Successful people all do one thing that you don’t do…they live with intent in every action that they take.” – Andy Frisella

50. “The reason people don’t succeed is because they don’t do the work.” – Andy Frisella

51. “Inside of every self-made man is a poor kid who followed his dreams.” – Andy Frisella

Which quote motivated you the most? Comment below!

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Success Advice 4 weeks ago

9 Inspiring Statements on Success and Prosperity From Addicted2Success Founder, Joel Brown

It was a hit.

In 1988, Nike sales were at $800 million ; by 1998, sales Unisa Women’s Nick18ks Open Toe Sandals Pink Fuchia Fuchia outlet best sale BaFh7
. "Just Do It." was short and sweet, yet encapsulated everything people felt when they were exercising -- and people still feel that feeling today. Don’t want to run five miles? Just Do It. Don’t want walk up four flights of stairs? Just Do It. It's a slogan we can all relate to: the drive to push ourselves beyond our limits.

When you're trying to decide the best way to present your brand, ask yourself: What problem are you solving for your customers? What solution does your product or service provide ? By hitting on that core issue in all of your messaging, you'll connect with consumers on an emotional level that is hard to ignore.

Big brands are often hard-pressed to do something ground-breaking when they're already so big. So, what did Coca-Cola do to appeal to the masses? They appealed to individuals -- by putting their names on each bottle.

The Share a Coke campaign cheap Manchester outlet best store to get Chie Mihara Women’s Jelly Sling Back Heels Pink Linus Nudeante Grape UG2qhnCI
, when Coca-Cola personalized each bottle with the 150 most popular names in the country. Since then, the U.S. has followed suit, printing first names across the front of its bottles and cans in Coke's branded font. You can even Merrell Adhera Thong Sandal Ivory the cheapest cheap price big discount sale online wide range of cheap price pay with paypal cheap price oE10yBUQN
on Coke's website to request things like nicknames and college logos.

It was a breaking story across the marketing and advertisingindustry. Many consumers were enchanted by it, while others were confused by it -- why make a temporary item so personal? Pepsi even released counter-ads shortly after the campaign launched.

Nonetheless, Coke received immediate attention for it.

Coke fans are regular buyers, and the company leaned into that sense of individual ownership with full force. Wondering what name you'll get out of the vending machine was a fun thrill in and of itself -- even if it isn't yours, it encourages you to "share a Coke" with whomever's name is on the front.

Source: Burning Through Journey Blog

Despite having no distinct shape, Absolut made its bottle the most recognizable bottle in the world. Its campaign, which featured print ads showing bottles "in the wild," was so successful that they didn’t stop running it for 25 years. It's buy cheap original Stuart Weitzman Womens Harley Loafer Black clearance low shipping visa payment cheap online buy cheap collections buy online KLnbXj9
and comprises over 1,500 separate ads. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

When the campaign started, Absolut had a measly 2.5% of the vodka market. When it ended in the late 2000s, Absolut was importing sale wide range of clearance amazing price Skechers Mens Equalizer Persistent Shoesnbsp;–nbsp;Grey 42nbsp;EU Blue Size 9 footaction for sale discount lowest price soEnE
per year, or Woody Samantha Women’s Mules Blue Blau Space clearance low cost discount best place cheap recommend sale cost huge surprise sale online 3rHHpj
in the U.S.

No matter how boring your product looks, it doesn’t mean you can’t tell your story in an interesting way . Let me repeat: Absolut created 1500 ads of one bottle. Be determined and differentiate your product in the same way.

The Danish National Hospital Registry (LPR) has collected nationwide data on somatic hospital admissions since 1977, and data on outpatients and emergency patients since 1995. 57 The registry has been used for numerous research projects, both nationally and internationally. For example, the registry has been used nationally to assess the effects of the individual factors and predictive capabilities of CHADS 2 and CHA 2 DS 2 -VASc scores on the risk of thromboembolism, by investigating patients with non-valvular AF or atrial flutter in the period 1997–2006. 54

The Danish Medicines Agency maintains the Register of Medicinal Product Statistics (RMPS), which, since 1994, has provided individual-level information on dispensed prescriptions for all of Denmark. The prescription data in RMPS have been made available for researchers since 2003 as part of a sub-register termed the Danish National Prescription Registry (DNPR). The variables in DNPR can be divided into four main categories: variables related to drug user, to prescriber, and drug and pharmacy variables. The DNPR has been used to assess temporal trends in VKA prescriptions for patients with AF 58 and the relationship between statin use and reduced VTE recurrence. 59

The Danish Register of Causes of Death holds information on both primary and contributing causes of death, and a civil registration system holds information on the vital status for all citizens. 54 Statistics Denmark 60 provides a protected research environment where data (including hospital admissions, discharge diagnoses, prescriptions, deaths and more) can be coupled while maintaining anonymity of patients.

The Venous thrombosis Epidemiology Group (VEG) uses general practice data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) linked to information on discharge diagnoses or hospital procedures (from Hospital Episodes Statistics [HES]) and to death certificate information (from the Office for National Statistics [ONS]). 53 This allows patients to be followed from primary care to secondary care and back, as well as all primary care prescription data and mortality data. Over the 10-year period, a total of 35 373 first VTE events were identified among 26.9 million person-years of observation. This long time period allowed the group to investigate the epidemiology of VTE within a broad population, which included children and the elderly. 53

It must also be noted, however, that the RCT design is evolving—not only to overcome some of the existing limitations, but also to meet the expanding needs of stakeholders. This is particularly evident in the field of acute coronary syndrome. The Thrombus Aspiration in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction in Scandinavia (TASTE) trial is a Swedish, multicentre, prospective, randomized clinical registry trial that evaluated the effect of thrombus aspiration on hard clinical endpoints in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). 61 The novel aspect of this study was the use of national registries—namely, the Swedish Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty Registry (SCAAR)—as online platforms for randomization, case-record forms, and follow-up data, essentially conducting a registry-based RCT that combines the benefits of randomization and a large-scale registry, at a fraction of the cost. 61 , 62 Other RCTs of interest include the MGUARD for Acute ST Elevation Reperfusion (MASTER) trial—an open-label, prospective, randomized, multicentre trial of patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention for STEMI. 63 The study focused on ST-segment resolution as the primary endpoint rather than a clinical endpoint and compared the MGuard stent with any commercially available drug-eluting stent or bare-metal stent. 63 The ongoing Prospective LongitudinAl Trial of FFRct (PLATFORM) is a post-marketing, multicentre, longitudinal, prospective, consecutive cohort study that will evaluate Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR CT )-guided evaluation vs. standard practice evaluation in patients with suspected coronary artery disease (CAD). Not only will PLATFORM assess clinical outcomes, but also resource utilization and quality of life, with an aim of further informing patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders about which technologies are most effective and efficient in the diagnosis of CAD ( identifier: NCT01943903).

There is moderate evidence that PCM is effective in reducing syncopal recurrences in patients <60 years old with long-lasting recognizable prodromal symptoms.

In highly motivated young patients with recurrent vasovagal symptoms triggered by orthostatic stress, the prescription of progressively prolonged periods of enforced upright posture (so-called tilt training) has been proposed to reduce syncope recurrence. 265 While some studies suggested modest benefit with outpatient tilt training, 266 , 267 most controlled trials reported no significant effect. 268–272 Moreover, this treatment is hampered by the low compliance of patients in continuing the training programme for a long period.

There is sufficient evidence from multiple trials that tilt training has little efficacy in reducing recurrence of syncope in young patients with long-lasting recognizable prodromal symptoms. Further research is unlikely to have an important impact on our confidence in the estimate.

Pharmacological therapy may be considered in patients who have recurrent syncope despite education and lifestyle modifications including training in PCM. Many drugs have been tested in the treatment of reflex syncope, for the most part with disappointing results. While results have been satisfactory in uncontrolled trials or short-term controlled trials, several long-term placebo-controlled prospective trials have not shown a benefit of the active drug over placebo, with some exceptions.

Fludrocortisone, by increasing renal sodium reabsorption and expanding plasma volume, may counteract the physiological cascade leading to the orthostatic vasovagal reflex. 273 The mechanism of action can be compared with that of saline infusion, which has also proved effective in acute tilt test studies. 274 The Prevention of Syncope Trial (POST) 2 275 enrolled 210 young (median age 30 years) patients with low–normal values of arterial BP and without comorbidities, and randomized them to receive fludrocortisone (titrated at a dosage of 0.05–0.2 mg once per day) or placebo. The primary endpoint showed only a marginal non-significant reduction in syncope in the fludrocortisone group compared with the placebo group (hazard ratio 0.69, 95% CI 0.46–1.03; P =0.069), which became more significant when the analysis was restricted to patients who achieved 0.2 mg/day dose stabilization at 2 weeks. The clinical benefit of fludrocortisone therapy was modest: at 12 months, 44% of patients in the fludrocortisone arm continued to suffer syncope, a rate only slightly lower than the 60.5% rate observed in the placebo arm. In the meantime, a similar number of patients discontinued fludrocortisone therapy owing to side effects, thus equating the benefit/risk ratio. Fludrocortisone should not be used in patients with hypertension or heart failure. Fludrocortisone was ineffective in a small randomized double-blind trial in children. 276

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